Reflections of the Past ———————————————–23rd May 2014


Chaguaramas Tracking Station, Trinidad

There is an annual photowalk all around the globe, the brainchild of Mr. Scott Kelby. I have considered it for years and never participated. I guess a part of me kept thinking that there were like 25 photographers all in the same place, what different could I bring?

The artist in me knows that this is not a valid question because each photographer sees the world different, even when we are standing right next to each other. Long story short, I decided to go to the photowalk this time around and the image above ended up winning the Trinidad leg of the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2013.

I am very proud of this image, but didn’t quite expect it to be chosen as winner…which makes me even more proud.

Added to its existing fame, it is also now featured in the Caribbean Airlines in-flight magazine May/June 2014 (Caribbean Beat). The following description of the photo is taken from that magazine.

“In 1940, during the Second World War, the British government leased several naval bases in the US military, including the entire north-western peninsula of Trinidad, finally returned to newly independent Trinidad and Tobago in 1963. Today the area is a national park, dotted with bunkers, hangers and other remnants – including an impressive though rusting missile tracking station, once part of the US Air Force’s Eastern Test Range.”

Even I learned something after the fact about my subject and proud to say this piece was named on the spot prior to all this knowledge 🙂