About Me (Niko … not Nikon abbreviated ;))

NikoDL9A9225_reMy name is Nisha and well everything I wanted to say about myself initially is on my website, that “my journey as an artist has taken me through many phases in my life … through writing, stories and poetry … through art, drawing and painting and now through the eye of my lens…” But I will add in a few more words, since after all, this is a blog …

I am primarily a landscape photographer and it is my extreme joy … My motto has always been “there’s beauty in everything…”  I am not famous (yet), but very proud to have my name on a few exceptional things over the years, including photos in Royal Caribbean Cruise line brochures, a feature photo in National Geographic last year, photos in several commercial buildings and law offices in Miami and the U.K. and published several times over in our local “Discover Trinidad and Tobago” magazine, with a recent stint in the Caribbean Airlines in-flight magazine “Caribbean Beat”.

I have also done the entire souvenir line for Excellent Stores 2010, still reproduced and sold there as well as at the airport to date. It was so funny, I was traveling earlier this year to Canada and went in one of the airport shops to get a water and there was my work lining up the shelves … I asked for the guy to take one down and as I was smiling at it, a German tourist came over and asked me if I knew the artist … to which I said “I am the artist”, several autographs later and I was walking out the store beaming with overwhelming pride. Bringing Trinidad to the world by showcasing its beauty was always my goal and in that moment I felt a little closer to it.

So this is me … please stop by and check in on me from time to time, cause if it’s one thing I can tell you about life … it is exciting!


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