Projecting: But first let me take a … ———————————— 30th June 2015

I recently stumbled across a quote that said:

“Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide”

Words that resonated deep within..  Most artists I know, especially photographers, have few (if any) photos of themselves.  We seem to be in a tug-of-war between our extrovert and introvert halves.  I guess it’s just how we are… we don’t like to be in front of the lens (or do we?).  Maybe it’s because we are most critical of the end result or just painfully aware that we have only seen ourselves “backwards” (aka mirror image).

Last year I resolved to do one thing that scares me (often) and several months later while testing lights for a conceptual shoot, I had an aha moment which birthed a self-portrait project.  As I started storyboarding technique, lighting and outfits, the project quickly took on a life of its own and my fear of being in front of the camera started to slowly dissipate.  My remote trigger became a staple as I invested hours of reading and watching videos of successful self-portraits artists, Brooke Shaden at the definite top of my list.  I even adopted her “set timer, throw remote and pose” working model (this has since evolved into interval timing which allows me a better work flow).

In this evolution, these “self-sessions” have taught me many lessons since it is definitely not as easy as it looks!  And with each shoot I find myself becoming more and more comfortable, but bigger than that, it has helped me with workflow posing of my clients.

I will tell you this much, it is indeed rewarding to put a shoot together and then see it through to the end and at this rate I foresee more elaborate sets and costuming in the works.

Stay tuned as I have lots of fun with this 🙂


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