Lonely Girl Series: Red Queen —————————————- 21st March 2015

“I told you to hide your heart once. You should have listened.” – Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

Quite a lot has happened this month photography wise… but I decided to take a step into the past and recognise a shoot I did back in early 2013 (my “Red Queen” series) with one of my favourite girls, local model – Adele.

As a landscape photographer, my scenes are usually devoid of people…the way I have always preferred it.  However when most of my photographer friends look at my photos, their first comment usually seems to start “If we put a model right there…”

*insert heavy sigh here*

Putting together the dress [Photo by my assistant, location guide and awesome friend, Bruce Anton]

Putting together the dress [Photo by my assistant, location guide and awesome friend, Bruce Anton]

So a few years ago I decided heck why not, let me give it a go – let me attempt to share my beautiful landscapes with another subject of beauty … thus commenced the turning of the creative cogs to make it happen; there were lots of ideas, but I found myself less attracted to images where the model dominated the scene and what actually spoke to me were those that used people as “props” … yeah that probably doesn’t sound too politically correct, but hear me out … people as props; meaning they became a part of the scenery, showcasing and enhancing the environment as much as the reverse was true … my right-brain found this a more harmonious and pleasing take.

“Words can lie. See beyond them.” – Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

I took a few ideas to my storyboard and what emerged was a series whose protagonist was a lonesome girl, who found her peace and hope in the bosom of the natural world.  The wardrobe I had in mind was way more than I could afford at the time and instead of letting that further delay my project (which I was now excited about) I decided I would make the dresses – ambitious I know but I think these are the moments that it feels amazing to be a creative … those times when you feel driven enough that everything feels possible and doable… moments that I look forward to in each project.

Below are two of my favourites from “Red Queen”, the latter of two projects [from The Lonely Girl Series] done to date.  Adele (my model for both sets) is an awesome girl to work with and in this shoot she spent over an hour in the freezing water so that we could get the desired shots, with plenty conversations on thinking warm thoughts to stop her teeth from chattering … she was an absolute sport and we managed to have lots of fun (and quite a few beers after too 🙂 )

Maybe later on I will do a throwback to the first set where she wore white…

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Red Queen

Red Queen

[Click for a larger view]

All photos copyrighted ©Niko Photo; http://www.nikophotography.com

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