Awesome Year Ahead! ————————————–31st January 2015

Beavertail Lighthouse

Beavertail Lighthouse

It’s 2015 and my blogging had a momentary lapse while I was busy travelling and organising my year, which by the way started out awesome … in Rhode Island.  It was my first time there and definitely not my last… When you travel a lot, there are places that tug at your heartstrings until you have surrendered a piece of yourself to it…and that is the feeling that draws you back time and time again, with the promise of new discoveries and parallel happiness from your last encounter.

It was a mini-vacation with just enough photography – winter days with temperatures as low as -16 Celsius coupled with high wind chill, which makes for some nice, cozy New England indoor days.  The times when I did venture out and risked numb fingers and frozen ears were all worth it as my trek was focused on one of my favourite subjects … lighthouses!  One of my best friends laughed when I said that to him and under his breath I could hear the mutter “lighthouses are the new train tracks”; then proceeded to inform me that it was a cliche subject for photographers.  I didn’t know that and honestly it still doesn’t matter to me, cliche or not.  As I said to him, I’ve always had a lighthouse obsession even before I was into photography – to this day, it brings me a sense of calm … a feeling of standing strong and weathering the storm; maybe that’s exactly how I needed to start this year…standing strong. 

I have shot quite a number of lighthouses over the years, but this trip was unique in its timing and circumstance and I enjoyed being there more than I will even try to convey.  So along with battling the elements and shooting my first set of lighthouses in winter, the photos have their own special emotions anchored to them, feelings of new beginnings, re-discovery of self and holding firm.

Castle Inn Lighthouse

Castle Inn Lighthouse

One thought on “Awesome Year Ahead! ————————————–31st January 2015

  1. You are very right to like lighthouses. There is a reason that so many serious photographers are effected by them. It is how you photograph them that matters, and this is a nice one of Castle Hill Light. Thanks for posting.


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