My colourless, colourful moments —————— 13th October 2014

Lighthouse at Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island)

Lighthouse at Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island)

I was browsing through some of my images from Nassau, Bahamas yesterday and fell in awe of the colour of the ocean once again. These magnificent blues and opaline greens that rivaled our own Caribbean tones.  So deep and intense, you would envisage there were unimaginable things lurking beneath yet so beautiful it seemed to draw you in…  In Tobago, the hues are lighter, feel more friendly and seem to be shallow for great expanses … maybe true … maybe another illusion … and even though the intensity is milder, the saturation is still magnificent.

So this is usually my dilemma … I absolutely, absolutely love black and white images but it is not something you would see as often from me and that is simply because as a landscape photographer, I am usually torn up about processing images … is it my duty to present it as I see it or shall I convert it to black and white and let my viewer share another emotion captured in that moment? Like I said torn …

So today I share two images of  Nassau’s Paradise Island lighthouse, taken the same day but with colour changing up the story a bit. The above image was taken just as the last of the sun’s light faded away.  I was standing at a height where the wind was constantly whipping my scarf around my neck, while I braced myself on a cold piece of a metal pole for support for lack of a tripod, on a 15 degree evening (now add windchill) constantly rubbing my nose to warm it up as I clicked a few, more in awe of the view than trigger happy.

The image on the bottom was taken earlier that morning.  In addition to black and white, I am a big fan of film photography and in my little mind, this is how it might have looked had I any film skill.  It was a gloomy morning and the mood was more somber which now comparatively made the evening light (above) even more fascinating. The ocean was angrier, the wind stronger (my nose warmer) and the constant crash of the waves …soothing.

So which one appeals to you?

Lighthouse (Paradise Island)

Lighthouse (Paradise Island)


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