Rebirth ——————————————————- 22nd September 2014

Being a landscape photographer, one of the things I am constantly exposed to is the death, decay and rebirth of the natural world.  One moment you are beholding a most momentous scene and in a minute it’s no longer there, a sunset for example.  While the sun rises and sets the next day (and the day after that) some of our destruction is more permanent and we are left with the memories of what was … It is one of the reasons I love doing what I do, preserving a piece of something in time, a snapshot of the way things were and maybe even how we wish it can be again.

Earth and Sky Converse

Earth and Sky Converse

The image in this post was taken a few years ago, yes yes it’s throw back Mondays already… forgive me as I have only just started to discuss some of the things I set out to.  It was taken in a place called Ravine Sable and is located in Central Trinidad.  A few years ago a local newspaper (The Trinidad Guardian; January 2012) reported that when one of our major rivers (the Caparo River) bursts its banks due to bad weather, the water made it’s way into this uncontrolled mining area where the earth subsequently caved in and led to the creation of a huge canyon which “sequestered” almost 300 million gallons of water.

Since then, the area has been toured several times by politicians with the promise to conduct relevant “geo-technical investigations” to determine the feasibility of transforming this lake to a viable source of potable water … promises that never materialised itself it seems, but I would be very happy to know that I am wrong and that something has been done, but I don’t hold much hope for that …

The image is entitled “Earth and Sky Converse” and I spotted it as the evening started to fade and after hours of walking around shaking my head at the destruction all around, feeling more helpless than anything that this was all I could do … In my imagination, the tree and the cloud are having a conversation about how sad it is that all this destruction has taken place – the tree just stands there and watches as its days are numbered and eventually it too shall perish into the canyon, while awaiting the promise of something better … the cloud can do nothing but offer it’s sympathy as it moves on to fulfill its own destiny of by-passing many other scenes like this … of death, decay and rebirth, before it too is absorbed back into the natural order to finish its cycle. A moment between friends… lamenting things beyond their control … and in that moment there is despair and hope and promise and reality … what do you see in this moment?

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